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Beaming Stations
Beaming Stations

POPspot™ Wireless is a powerful, revolutionary, new dimension in marketing communications. It is perfect for events, storefronts, kiosks, posters and POP displays.

This professional, turnkey solution continuously delivers your custom message in unattended mode while you tend to your business.

The POPspot hardware (smaller than a Post-it® Note) broadcasts an incessant infrared beam so you can extend your message to passersby who have IR-enabled cellphones, Palm OS & Pocket PC devices.

The beaming equipment does not take center stage - the client brand and marketing message does. As such, the beaming equipment tucks neatly into any size/shape display and bears your brand, not ours.

Each fully searchable Palm and Pocket PC guide is custom crafted to meet client-specified communications goals. Images and interactive maps are incorporated with ease - the design goal is to put any bit of information you need just a tap or two away.

Visit www.popspotwireless.com for product details and pricing.

Exhibition Guides

We create professional, illustrated, and interactive pocket guides that are terrific show take-aways. Unlike other show give-aways, these don't get tucked into the drawer or left in the show bag - or, worse yet, left behind in the hotel room.

These valuable guides make it directly into the pocket. Easy to distribute any number of ways - web/internet, e-mail, disk, onsite beaming billboard or kiosk, or via automatic distribution via e-mail.

Pocket event guides for Microsoft Pocket PC and Palm OS are proven, fun, effective, attention-getting and easy to use. And what's more, these innovative guides are fully searchable, highly organized, flexible, custom-branded, illustrated, and easy to distribute - prior to and during the show. We've found that many guides continue to be hot downloads even after the event.

Wherever you are in the world, chances are very good that if you've attended any of these global events and invitation-only seminars over the past several years, you've seen our work in action directly on the show floor. Didn't recognize it as a Palmtop Publishing solution? That's because we make it our business to offer custom branded pocket publications - after all, it's not about us. It's all about you. Isn't it?

View these guides:

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Whether you use this opportunity to sell additional "pocket ad space" or to simply extend your traditional show print or web-based guides into the pocket as a benefit to both exhibitors and show attendees, breathe a sigh of relief because we simply see to it that your modest investment results in engaging, illustrated, interactive first-class guides for both Pocket PC and Palm OS plus we provide you with innovative beaming billboards to deliver your message directly on the show floor. What's more, our seasoned team just does it. It's precisely what we've been doing since 1997.

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