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There are many opportunities for you to engage, educate, and establish community worldwide using mobile devices as a tool.

Your real challenge is to stay in the driver's seat while launching an effective and powerful mix of activities that use mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, and PDAs in ways that further your existing business goals such as:

  • Build product & brand awareness
  • Create community
  • Drive web traffic to your website
  • Extend an invitation
  • Promote an activity or event
  • Drive sale of merchandise
  • Solicit donations
  • Be unforgettable

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Thanksgiving Survival Kit for Mobile Phones
A holiday digital marketing giveaway

Visit to learn more and to download the the Thanksgiving Survival Kit for phones of all kinds. This holiday-focused digital marketing giveaway is a free download that arms you with holiday essentials: graces, toasts, a formal table place setting diagram, wine basics and eight essential holiday recipes everyone will love.

Be prepared no matter what you'll be called on to do before or during the great feasts!

Originally released for Palm and Pocket PC in 2001, this updated edition is for all mobile devices including Nokia phones and Blackberry devices.

Event Solutions and Mobile Conference Tools

Rely on our expert end-to-end services and first-class solution mix for most any budget. Each mobile conference guide launches with a custom splash screen that promotes the client or sponsor. Offer Blackberry, Symbian, mobile phone, Palm and Pocket PC users a professional event solution that serves as a long-lasting, digital souvenir. Online and onsite delivery is easy and you look good!

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About Palmtop Publishing

We have been providing branded, digital marketing solutions around the world since 1997, focusing primarily on delivering solutions to mobile computers of all kinds.

Not ones to "toot our own horn", you'll find that the work we do for our clients serves as our best reference. Listed below are a few of our accomplishments and creations - enjoy!

  • SEGD Award Communications & Design: Our implementation for the Detroit Auto Show won a prestigious award from the Society for Environmental Graphic Design. Click here to enjoy our storyboard tour of the project from concept to finish.
  • Innovation and Tools: Use this free Palm OS greeting card site or license our web-based Palm OS development tool. Visit to give it a go!
  • Multi-platform Solutions: Rent an infrared beaming station to transfer your application to both Palm OS and Windows Mobile/Pocket PC devices in a single beam - visit for details.
  • PDA Perks - Digital Marketing Giveaways: Many digital giveaways are private and confidential - they are used by pharmaceutical sales teams, global field reps, and executives for company information. The digital giveaways and PDA Perks listed here are public-focused, general interest giveaways. Please download and explore them or if you have an iPhone, get the newest iPhone-only garlic giveaway download here. If you'd like a digital marketing giveaway of your own, call us at 727-366-1424.
  • Solid Experience and Results: Trina Clickner founded Palmtop Publishing in 1997 after working at Apple Computer on the Newton and at Palm Computing in developer relations. Today, with a focused team of dedicated mobile computing experts, Palmtop Publishing continues to provide best-in-class solutions worldwide. Click here to see bios for Trina and Demitrios, learn about Trina's new book, A Miscellany of Garlic (hardcover and e-book of course!), and explore this team's early pioneering efforts with electronic showguides and digital giveaways as featured in Technology Meetings and Corporate Meetings and Incentives magazines.


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